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About The Resort

Genuine Natural Luxury

Koh Jum beach Villas set the most noteworthy manageable extravagance benchmark to island resort living in Thailand. Each of the eighteen decently planned extravagance villas are situated on the seven hundred meters long beach or alternately in the rich tropical gardens with delightful sunset outlook over Phi Phi Marine Park. 

The resort, an extravagance eco chic beach villa hideout on Koh Jum in Krabi, is about thirty minutes by long-tail boat from mainland Krabi and is located on the island of „Jum“, or as the locals sometimes refers to as "Koh Pu". Koh Jum is sincerely a distract slumber island with three little towns full of forest and nature. 

There are currently no cash machine and market places introducing a unique luxury hideout for visitors seeking absolute privacy and true Thai experiences. 

Our villas offer private garden of at least one thousand square meters introducing unique levels of absolute privacy and intimacy. Customers have the possibility to choose between one to five bedroom villas with or without private pool on the beach or in rich tropical garden to fully satisfy their desires.

Keeping true to our eco chic hideout beliefs, our villas, although luxurious, spacious, comfortable and private in nature, do not offer TV.

However, the luxury villa resort offers great open architecture, characteristic natural ventilations and outdoor-showers, beautiful vanity tables, soft comfortable bedding.

At night a cool breeze from the sea and the resonances of the waves provides incredible natural experience including maximum privacy and night calmness.
Visitors seeking a little cooling prefer to close the windows and doors at night, have alternatively the possibility to accommodate their villas with
air - conditioning bedrooms.

Keeping true to our eco chic hideout beliefs, our villas, although luxurious, spacious, comfortable and private in nature, do not offer television.
Our villas however do offer great open architecture, natural ventilations and of course have fans besides all other modern day comforts like outdoor-showers, his and her vanity tables, comfortable bedding and so forth. 
At night a cool breeze from the ocean and the sounds of the waves adds to a great natural experience to sleep at night whilst keeping our eco footprint as low as possible.

Guests seeking a little cooling or prefer to close up the windows and doors at night when sleeping can also choose from a wide variety of accommodations as we do offer several villas with air-conditioning bedrooms.

Despite the castaway feel and general atmosphere of the resort and island we do offer in-villa WiFi as well at the bar for guests who like to stay in touch with loved ones. Luxury in our opinion is an abundance of undisturbed nature, the preservation of culture, generous space, privacy, opportunities to be “disconnected” where and when desired, real experiences, true emotions, genuine and passionate personal service and so on.

Natural materials used in the architecture, together with a beautiful island setting and excellent personal service, great food and drinks support our philosophy of “Genuine Natural Luxury Island Living”.

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